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Real Estate law

It's what we do.

HOW WE HELP is focused entirely on the residential closing experience. We have significant experience in assisting Ontarians with the home purchase, sales and refinances - after all, it is all we do.

Legalclosing has assisted thousands of people with their home conveyance needs and succeeds in making the home purchase/sale/refinance process easy and understandable. Clients are provided with an all inclusive quote at the beginning of the process and we make every effort to have every client meet with our lawyers personally at the time of their closing. Our lawyers are personally available to our clients throughout the process and, it therefore comes as little surprise to find out that our satisfaction rate is amongst the highest in our industry.

Choosing for your real estate needs is the smart choice for your real estate needs. Give us a try and you too will experience what others already know to be the case, that your choice of real estate lawyer matters. We can't wait to meet you and to start working together.


Mark Morris is an experienced Real Estate Lawyer who has helped Ontarians navigate Real Estate Legal matters for over 20 years.

Mark has deep experience in the field of residential real estate and has assisted thousands of individuals with their real estate purchases. He is a regular resource for Real Estate Brokers and Lawyers in his industry and was, for many years, a regular instructor at the Ontario Real Estate College. Mark continues to be passionate about education and delivers industry talks many times a month - the most recent ones can be found on this website.


Mark has won many of law’s top awards including, L’Expert’s Rising Star Award, Canadian Lawyer’s Most Influential Lawyer Award and the Financial Times’ Maverick and Mover Award. In addition, the previous firms that he co-founded and built have won the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award and the Canadian Business’s Startup 50 Award.


Above all, Mark cares passionately about customer service and ensuring that his clients understand the legal process and the costs involved in their transaction. It is that care for his clients, combined with Mark’s extensive knowledge of the law, that makes Mark a natural choice for people who want a great experience buying or selling their properties.

Mark Morris, Principal


Lawyers are known for quoting legal fees and adding a whole lot of extras.  Our firm uses transparent, easy to understand pricing that respects your bottom line and is inclusive of all normal legal costs.  We could talk about it for days, but really, simple pricing means you should be able to understand it at a glance, so here is your price quote.



$1,950 for Purchases
up to $500,000
$160 per $100,000 above $500,000
(Title In
surance Premium and Placement fee)

Includes 1 mortgage placement.
+ $350 for use of a power of attorney

+ $250 if assuming more than one tenancy

+ $499 if bridge financing is required
+ $450 if mortgage is with Private (non bank) institution


$1,550 for Sales
up to $500,000
$120 per $100,000 above $500,000

Includes 1 mortgage discharge

+ $150 for additional mortgage discharge(s)

+ $350 for use of a power of attorney



$1,000 for Refinances
(Title Insurance, if required, is the only extra disbursement payable)

+ $350 for use of a power of attorney

+ $450 if refinance is with a
private (not a bank) mortgagee.

(All of the above prices are subject to HST)


When acting for Assignor (seller): $2500
When acting for Assignee (buyer):
Cost of a Single Family Residential Purchase + $1,000


Survivorship Application:

Spousal / Non-Spousal Transfer of Title: $999

New Build Occupancy Closing:

Independent Legal Advice:

Bare Trust Agreement: $399

Trust Holding Fee:
$150 per month


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